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Our reputation has grown rapidly over the years, based on a strong business vision:

For the People of Indonesia
To provide a higher quality of language education in order to support the development of Indonesia and her people.

For the Education System
To contribute and share our knowledge and experience in language education.

For ILP's Employees
To provide opportunities for our staff to develop themselves and their careers together with ILP.

For the ILP Educational Foundation
To develop the best study materials through research and development and systems of management and resources.

For the Future
To welcome the new millennium, and to acknowledge the continuing globalization process, ILP has developed its vision further:

  1. To open ILP branches in all major cities in Indonesia by the year 2008
  2. To offer ILP's expertise and experience to a wider market, by establishing ILP branches in other countries

ILP's Unique Selling Points

Our current reputation and success shows that the public sees ILP as a "One Stop Learning Institution" which can provide them with: